10 tactics remixed

05 / 2012

10 tactics remixed reflects on some of the key campaigns, debates, and political statements that have emerged within the field of
information-activism during the last two years.
The stories and ideas are categorised into three tactics: “Exposing the Ridiculous”, “Exploring the Truth” and “Mobilising for Action”

The objective of the visualization is to present information as a collage of related ideas. „10 tactics remixed” connects them to mind maps.

A project for Tactical Technology Collective.

Many thanks to our poster activists:
Billy Hynes, Carolina Padilla Villarraga, Carmen Platero, Daniel Desiderio Páez Castillo, Guillem Francès, Jordi Salvado, Julia Wolf, Lucia Castillo, Teresa Martin Ezama

and also for the permission to taking photos at the following locations:
Sílvia Bartolomé Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona und Remei Medina Nieto, Sant Adrià del Besos, Barcelona