Visualising Information for Advocacy

The book “Visualising Information for Advocacy” presents more than 60 examples of how activists from around the world are using creative tools in their campaigns. It gives an introduction to understanding the visualisation of information and provides a framework for those who want to use images to make an impact.

For the second edition of the book, La Loma has designed a cover that imitates the results of digital glitch art in an analogue way. For this, elements from the different campaigns were inserted into the graphic by hand and repeatedly arranged next to each other. The collage resulting from the superĀ­imposition of image sources thus becomes an example of how the material at hand can be translated into new visual forms.

  • concept and realisation of the title graphic from images of the works shown in the boo.
  • studio photography of the visualisation
  • finalisation of the data for printing