11 / 2015


Industry and politics have converted everything living into a means of making money.
What is Bioeconomy (or what should it be)?

Bioeconomy is the management of sustainability.  The aim is to achieve sustainable socio-economic development, through considered and responsible use of natural resources.


One of the challenges of implementing bioeconomy is that of adapting innovative processes that are compatible with current business and market models, applying biotechnology to production in the areas of health, agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, etc.  This has contributed to the emergence of clandestine international partnerships between biotech, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and energy industries to the end that, with political support for research, the goal has become the commercialization of life.


Bioeconomy has become a smokescreen behind which life has been devalued to a commodity; where natural processes and those using resources more ethically have become “incompatible” with many policies of different governments.

For this reason, economic reconciliation with ecology is urgent; the goal is an economy that doesn’t only take profits and productivity into account, but also natural resources, essential to life


Client: OYA online Magazine