Darwin meets business

06 / 2009

In search of new ways of economic management, Dr. Otto Training & Consulting dedicated their research to evolution management.
By comparing processes in nature and the economy, many phenomena can be looked at from a new point of view. This leads to rethinking common management theories.
The shape of the walls already show one of the most important hypotheses: evolution never follows a straight path. Based on a graphic by Prof. Dr. Kiessling, which shows the creation and extinction of creatures in the sea over the past 540 million years, the dynamic of evolution is visualized: It illustrates that every crisis is followed by an enormous increase of new species. Constant growth on the other hand does not exist.
Nature and economy are confronted with each other in the exhibition. The transferability of the two sides is visualized through day to day examples, which are placed on rotatable disks.

A project for Dr. Otto Training & Consulting.
In collaboration with Hana Sedelmayer, Michel Magens, Markus Robertson
Photos Holger Stöhrmann