Normal is boring at HKW

03 / 2016

We are happy and proud to be an active part of “Normal is boring”, a table consisting of five objects. Four of them are the result of the investigations by Tactical Technology Collective and their visualisation by La Loma.


- The Zuckerberg House (model house / 3D print)


- The Shire (model of a office room of the Palantir)


- The Fertility Chip (simulation / laser cut and engraving)


- The Google Empire (information graphic / wood and acrylic)

The table forms part of  ”The White Room“, a live installation shown in the exhibition ”Nervous Systems. Quantified Life and the Social Question” at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin / 11.03 – 09.05 2016), curated by Stephanie Hankey, Marek Tuszynski and Anselm Franke.



The objects, books, artifacts, gadgets and artworks gathered here offer a contemplation on autonomy as a disappearing modus operandi of political action, while eye-opening, hands-on workshops, discussions and demos focus on the devices we use every day: How do they work? What individual data traces do they capture? Where do these go, and what kind of control can one regain?

In this occasion La Loma (Julia Wolf and Daniel Desiderio Páez Castillo) collaborated with Carolina Padilla Villarraga, was supported by Daniel Theis and the help of Malou Petersen.