A hill of information

06 / 2012

La Loma is the result of a series of collaborations between Julia Wolf and Daniel Desiderio Páez Castillo. Most of the projects were developed to reach a better understanding of our reality. They are experiments, playing with the possibilities of visualizing information. A task we consider honest, conscious and connected to our present.

Julia Wolf is a graphic designer who dedicates most of her time to deciphering  information, developing information-graphics, information clips and exhibition design. Daniel Desiderio Páez Castillo is graphic designer and media artist, whose interests lie in visualizing data and experimenting with video, animation and programming.

Julia formed part of the project “twocollect”, a self-organized journey around the world focused on design. The itinerary led her to many creative places, collecting and exchanging work experiences.
In the meantime Daniel initiated digital projects and interactive installations, based on the information provided by mass media. They provide perspective to reflect and understand the tactical strategies used by mass medias.

In our experience information is always multi-layered and complex. We immerse ourselves in it, in order to re-present