La Loma

La Loma [Spanish: the hill] was founded in 2012 by Daniel Desiderio Paez Castillo and Julia Wolf, with the interest to research and develop strategies for displaying information.

After multiple collaborations with Carolina Padilla Villarraga, in 2016 the platform is redefined as a collective that promotes and generates information visualisations to contribute to the common, economic, social, cultural, ecological welfare – among others.

In the eyes of La Loma information is a landscape, which can be observed through data. A mountain in constant change, rich in topographical accidents. An area, which can be followed from different points, from the peak with wide distance view describing its magnitude, in order to document an honest and caring image of this landscape.

Julia, Daniel and Carolina from the collective La Loma, encourage through diagrams a clear reading of complex information.

The physical visualizations provide a comprehensible access to abstract data and translate vast amounts of information in an understandable language.

Through workshops or lectures La Loma is happy to pass on their the experience and knowledge of this particular way of translation.